Friday, February 26, 2010

Disney Magic

There is something so rejuvenating about Disney films.

I recently saw The Princess and the Frog, the first traditional Disney movie in years, and it was a breath of fresh air. It made me nostalgic for all the marvellous movies of my youth – the rich colours, the wholesome humour, the witty lyrics of sprightly songs, the cleansing sorrow and the human lesson, always delivered so gently to remind one of life's goodness.

Have you ever seen a cat as beautiful as Duchess in The Aristocats? Or a fox as dashing as Tod in The Fox and The Hound?

I remember the genie that came out of my mother's tea kettle after I watched Aladdin. I remember dancing and singing along to the glorious music of Hercules' Muses. I remember how my brother and I, being so young, used to rewind and play over and over the part in The Lion King where King Mufasa dies, because we had never experienced such raw emotion from a film before and it seemed we simply had to milk out the tears.

Embrace Disney for its warmth, simplicity and honesty.

My Disney favourites:

  • Favourite film: Mulan – it's incredibly funny, set in beautiful ancient China and I've always had a thing for Asian girls (which is not as dodgy as it sounds)
  • Favourite soundtrack: Hercules – who could resist those gospel-like tunes
  • Favourite line: "Eet ees not slime. Eet ees mucus," Prince Naveen in The Princess and The Frog
  • Scariest villain: Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmations (what a disgusting, terrifying woman with a man-voice)

What are your favourites?

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