Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Away We Go Review

Director: Sam Mendes Screenplay: Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida Cast: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Daniels, Carmen Ejogo Time: 98min Age Restriction: 16L


Summary Review:
Away We Go is a gentle, but slow-moving story about figuring out life and preparing to have a baby.

Away We Go is about a 30-something year-old couple who are still struggling to make ends meet and figure out how to live. The woman is six months pregnant and the only family they have living nearby is ? parents, who have suddenly decided to emigrate to Belgium.

This makes them realise that, with nothing tying them down, they can go anywhere. So they travel around the USA, visiting all the people they know, trying to find a place to settle down and raise their daughter.

Now that they are themselves in the family way, however, they see their friends and family in a different light and notice different aspects of their lives and relationships. They begin to understand the kind of life they don't want and the sort of people they don't want to be.

Although Away We Go is listed as a comedy, and it has its funny moments, I found it largely unfunny. The acting is superb from all the players, even in the smallest supporting roles, but the movie flows slowly, like thick syrup oozing from a spilled jar.

Away We Go is sweet and intimate, but in a tedious kind of way. Sunday afternoon fare.

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