Friday, May 14, 2010

I Now Pronounce You Black And White Review

Director: Oliver Rodger Screenplay: Oliver Rodger Cast: Tyrel Meyer, Astara Mwakalumbwa, Ian Roberts, Sylvia Mdunyelwa Time: 81min Age Restriction: 13MDL


Summary Review:
I Now Pronounce You Black And White is a side-splitting movie that proves South Africa really can do comedy.

Simon Dawson (Tyrel Meyer) and Jackie Msolisi (Astara Mwakalumbwa) meet by chance at a mutual friend's braai. They fall in love and start living together. Simon is a white Jew, Jackie is black.

Both Simon and Jackie's parents had hoped that their living arrangement would be nothing more than a brief phase, but these hopes are shattered when Simon asks for Jackie's hand in marriage.

I Now Pronounce You Black And White follows the days leading up to Simon and Jackie's wedding – the family tensions, the parents' plotting to foil their union and their friends' awkward support.

The editing is not as smooth as we've grown accustomed to from international films, and I Now Pronounce You Black And White has a distinctly home-made feel (not sure if this is a good or a bad thing?). There are many classic jokes that only a South African audience would get.

I wouldn't say that I Now Pronounce You Black And White quite does for South African comedy what District 9 did for South African action films, but it definitely deserves a place in the archive of national film treasures.

Filled with first-rate South African humour and a melting pot of typically South African characters, I Now Pronounce You Black And White shows that South Africans really can do comedy films and that we have a unique sense of humour one can be proud of.

Show your support for South African film and go watch I Now Pronounce You Black And White, not just because you're patriotic, but because you'd be doing yourself a favour and guaranteeing yourself 81 minutes of laughter.


  1. Hey Daryl

    Thanks so much for this, I am the girlfriend of the Director and just happen to be the Executive Producer as well. I love this movie, its fantastic. Oliver worked so hard on it, so to see responses such as these are really great. I thank you. We need more people like you in this world, as Oliver is trying to get South Africa on the map, so reviews like these definitely help the local film industry, and it is so lacking at the moment.

    To everyone out there, this film will change your life, go and see it.


  2. Hi Carla

    Thanks for the encouraging comment! I truly enjoyed the film and it did give me confidence in the future of the local film industry.
    All the best to you and Oliver.