Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Save A Life Review

Director: Brian Baugh Screenplay: Jim Britts Cast: Randy Wayne, Deja Kreutzberg, Joshua Wiegel, Sean Michael Afable Time: 120min Age Restriction: 13M


Summary Review:
To Save A Life is an uplifting film about the roles we play in people's lives.

Jake Taylor (Randy Wayne) is an all-round popular kid – he's the star basketball player in his school, he has a college scholarship, he's dating the prettiest girl and he's hanging out with the coolest kids.

But when Roger (Robert Bailey Jr.), the boy who once saved Jake's life, commits suicide, Jake is plagued by the thought that he could have done something to prevent the tragedy.

In his search for answers, Jake begins speaking to the pastor who conducted Roger's funeral and who is the only person to take Jake's concerns and self-doubt seriously.

Often Christian movies (slash music slash books) are disappointing or even downright embarrassing. People seem to think that because it is so meaningful and there is a deeper message behind it, it doesn't really matter how well the movie (/music/book) is made.


To Save A Life is a great movie. Everything, from the acting and directing to the script and cinematography, is right on par with the best secular films out there.

Not to mention the fact that To Save A Life gives the truest depiction of what a young Christian lifestyle really looks like.

To Save A Life is a real, honest film about the impact we have on the lives of people around us, whether it is done intentionally or not.

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